By: Admin | June 11, 2017

Lookout for upcoming shows and new music

The last year and half has been dedicated to growing the two businesses my wife and I have launched. Owlways Remember has grown exponentially and I have taken over all shipping and quality control requirements. Hipsters and Co has just launched after testing many products and finding the best quality products for the business. Now I am going to try to get back into posting here and hopefully playing some events in the near future. Be on the lookout! :) 

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By: Admin | January 27, 2016

“Wuv, twu wuv.” Ah, the Princess Bride, one of the best rom-coms ever to be created in the entirety of fiction. The love between Westley and Buttercup was a love I always hoped that I would have. Of course, we don’t see the entirety of every day in their relationship after that point. I think the relationship between Miracle Max and Valerie is probably a better example of “twu wuv” since they have been married long enough to have the adorable bickering and affection balanced perfectly. They seem like the kind of couple who worked through some stuff and stuck with it. Miracle Max was probably just “max” at some point and Valerie stuck by him through those miracle less years until he became known as “Miracle Max.” I guess what I am trying to ...

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By: Admin | January 20, 2016

I am ecstatic for our next baby. 2016 will be a big year for us! From Jackson turning three and becoming a big brother, to myself turning 30, to growing our family by one more, this year is slated to be one of the biggest most exciting years for us yet! I think I am starting to realize how big of a deal this is. Jackson gets to pass on all of his adorable traits, habits, and naughty behaviors, which will be incredible to watch. But still in the midst of all of this excitement, part of me wonders if I have worked hard enough to overcome the little things that eke away time from my incredible family. I know I still struggle with keeping my technology addiction under control. And I wonder am I passing this on to my children? How can I become m...

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By: Admin | January 13, 2016

The strong bond of friendship is not always a balanced equation; friendship is not always about giving and taking in equal shares. Instead, friendship is grounded in a feeling that you know exactly who will be there for you when you need something, no matter what or when. – Simon Sinek


I have never heard someone say that “to be my friend, we have to have an equal give and take.” In fact, often it’s never equal at the same time. I remember there was a time before I was diagnosed with Crohn’s that my friends felt like they were doing all of the giving and I was taking every little bit I could. I would go to my friend Spencer’s house, and since I was in intense pain I would literally curl up in a ball and sleep for hours on his couch before ...

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By: Admin | January 06, 2016

This album is phenomenal! Adele is one of those artists who uses her haunting vocals and dynamically charged songs to bring the listener on a journey connected through each track listing.  From hello, and when we were young, to Love in the dark and Sweetest Devotion, every song highlights Adele’s prowess as a lyrical storyteller. Recently, I heard someone praise her ability to remain on top without having to use the tired tactics of smuttiness and sexuality to gain listeners. Way to go Adele! Keep it up. 

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